Frans Gerritsen – פראנס חריסטן, חסיד אומות העולם, אמן שסיכן חייו בפעולות מילוט של חברים ממחנה ווסטרבורק והסתרת חברים אחדים בביתו. ממציא מסתור למסמכים והחבאת אנשים וזייפן המסמכים בהם השתמשה המחתרת בפעולותיה.

France Gerritsen, Recognized by Yad-Vashem memorial institute as Righteous among the Nations. An artist who risked his life to rescue people, helped them to escape from Westerbork transit camp, hide others at his home, made shelters for people and documents, and created forger documents that Westerweel underground used for operation.

Frans Gerritsen on Channel 1 of the Israeli TV 1988.

In that film Some of Westerweel Group, members describe their actions in Holland, during World War 2 to rescue people. The main story in the film is of Paula Welt.

Dalia Bronstein produced the film..